HMS Warspite

When commissioned, she was one of the mightiest battleships in the world that outmatched all previous dreadnought classes in firepower and speed. By the outbreak of World War II, Warspite had been modernized to receive more powerful torpedo protection, reinforced horizontal armor protection, and enhanced AA capabilities

Pros: Edit

  • Second biggest main battery of any ship at her tier.
  • Good all around armor.
  • Excellent turning radius and good rudder shift time; decent speed.
  • Stealthy for a Tier VI battleship; if the circumstances are ideal Warspite can fire off her salvo first, potentially rattling the enemy.
  • Damage Control Party takes 90 seconds to cool down — like cruiser — much faster than 120 seconds on most other battleships.
  • Repair Party is able to repair more damage than battleships of other nations.
  • Surprisingly tight shell grouping compared to New Mexico and Fuso.
  • Secondaries have much higher accuracy and shorter reload time in comparison to Japanese counterparts, and they fire HE making them excellent against destroyers and good at setting other ships on fire.
  • Secondaries have 5.0km base range (can be pushed to 7.2km with Advanced Firing Training and Secondary Battery Modification 2).

Cons: Edit

  • Takes a rather long time to reach top speed.
  • Mediocre torpedo protection for its tier (24%).
  • Fewer barrels than most Tier VI battleships.
  • Low shell velocity.
  • Short maximum firing range of only 16.3km; cannot mount range upgrade mod like US counterpart to increase range.
  • Slow turret traverse speed means she can't effectively respond to rapid situations, though Expert Marksman mitigates this slightly.
  • Despite having a fast cooldown, Damage Control Party is only active for 5 seconds (like on cruisers and destroyers).
  • Virtually no anti-aircraft defense.
  • Extremely vulnerable to fires.