Aircraft carriers Edit

Aircraft carriers
Name Tier
Langley IV
Bogue V
Independence VI
Ranger VII
Saipan VII
Lexington VIII
Essex IX
Midway X

Battleships Edit

Name Tier
South Carolina III
Wyoming IV
Arkansas Beta IV
New York V
Texas V
New Mexico VI
Arizona VI
Colorado VII
North Carolina VIII
Iowa IX
Montana X

Cruisers Edit

Name Tier
Erie I
Chester II
Albany II
St. Louis III
Phoenix IV
Omaha V
Marblehead V
Marblehead Lima V
Cleveland VI
Atlanta VII
Pensacola VII
UIndianapolis VII
Flint VII
New Orleans VIII
Baltimore IX
Des Moines X

Destroyers Edit

Name Tier
Sampson II
Smith II
Wickes III
Clemson IV
Nicholas V
Farragut VI
Mahan VII
Sims VII
Benson VIII
Fletcher IX
Black IX
Gearing X

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