One of the first super-dreadnoughts in the U.S. Navy. She underwent extensive retrofitting to reinforce her torpedo protection and horizontal armor. During World War II, she received powerful AA armament. USS Texas is now preserved as a military museum shipin La Porte, Texas, just east of Houston, at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site.

Pros: Edit

  • Best-in-tier AA defense, but with the same stock short range; in fact, Texas' AA firepower is higher than any other battleship in the game prior to Tier VIII. Enemy planes that come near Texas are highly unlikely to make it back to their flattop.
  • The 3rd turret amidships has much better firing angles than New York, enabling full salvoes without exposing the entire broadside of the ship.
  • Slightly better torpedo protection and detection ranges then New York.

Cons: Edit

  • Slow speed of 20.5 knots means she will frequently find herself left behind by her teammates.
  • Slightly worse rudder shift than New York gives her less reaction time to dodge incoming torpedoes.
  • Virtually non-existent secondary armament compared to New York’s top configuration; if in close combat with more than one enemy destroyer, she is in serious trouble.
  • Her biggest strength — her AA armament — is vulnerable to being knocked out by incoming high explosive rounds; the longer she is under sustained HE fire, the less AA firepower she will have.