Team Battles is a 7v7 battle type enabling players to build their own team rosters before entering battle. Teams enter the queue to challenge one another using an Elo ranking sytem. This means they'll be matched against similarly skilled players and either move up the leaderboard if they win, or down if they lose.

Players can join the queue with as few as four members to have the empty spots filled with "Mercenaries." They can also enter the Team Battles queue as a Mercenary if they're still looking for a team to join.

Notes Edit

  • Players can only access Team Battles once they've reached Service Record level 12
  • Teams are managed via the "My Teams" tab in the player profile. This tab is also accessible via the Port panel
  • Team Battles are only available during "Prime Time", currently: 15:00 - 23:00 PT / 18:00 - 02:00 ET
  • Players may be the member of the "Leader" of up to three separate teams
  • Each team has 10 slots, but players will only bring their strongest seven into combat
  • Team members can vote on accepting new player invites, removing members, and even to remove the leader
  • Teams are allowed only one battleship and one aircraft carrier

Video Edit

Naval Academy - Team Battles

Naval Academy - Team Battles