Ribbons are won during battles for successful actions, such as striking the enemy or capturing bases. Ribbons offer no tangible rewards.

Icon Name Description
IconShellHit Target Hit (Shell) When a shell hits an enemy.
IconTorpedoHit Target Hit (Torpedo) When a torpedo hits an enemy.
IconPlaneTorpedoHit Target Hit (Plane Torpedo) When a plane's torpedo hits an enemy.
IconBombHit Target Hit (Bomb) When a bomb hits an enemy.
IconShotDown Shot Down When an enemy plane is shot down by your turret.
IconCriticalHit Critical Hit When your weapon hits an important enemy module or other part of their ship.
IconSetonFire Set on Fire When your weapon hits an enemy module that sets fire to that part of their ship.
IconFlooded Flooded When your weapon hits a part of an enemy ship that causes them to take on water.
IconDefendedBase Defended Base When you reduce enemy capture points by successfully hitting an enemy in your base/control point.
IconCapturedBase Captured Base Captured an enemy or neutral base, getting 80 or more capture points.
IconAssistedinBattle Assisted in Battle Captured an enemy or neutral base by taking part in its capture. Awarded to each participant if less than 80 capture points were received.
IconCitadelHit Citadel Hit When your weapon strikes the enemy ship's citadel.