Ranked Battles is one of the battle types that enables eligible players to enter a matchmaking queue against one another. Every victory helps to raise Rank, and defeats can reduce Rank.

A player can check eligibility by checking the current season's rules. To access a Ranked Battle, use the drop down menu to the right of the Battle button within the [[Port]. To check current Rank and to see the various rewards offered for achieving certain Ranks, access the "Profile" tab within the Port. Simply select the "Ranks" option that appears on the left hand side of the screen to reveal progress.

At Ranks 22-20, players can't lose any earned Stars. At all ranks, even if they're on the losing team, they won't lose a Star either.

Ranks Edit

Players are matched with other players based on Rank. Ranks are divided into four levels, five counting the "Super League". This is designed to provide a more level playing field and a smoother matchmaking experience.

League 4 (Ranks 22 - 16)

  • Tiers V-VI

League 3 (Ranks 15 - 11)

  • Tiers VI-VII

League 2 (Ranks 10 - 6)

  • Tiers VI-VII

League 1 (Ranks 5 - 1)

  • Tiers VI-VII

Rewards Edit

  • Players get 1,000 Doubloons for reaching Rank 2 and 2,500 Doubloons for reaching Rank 1.
  • If players have both the "Jolly Roger" and "Jolly Roger II" Flags and reach Rank 1 in Season 4, the "Jolly Roger II" flag will be exchanged for the USS Flint.
  • Preview all the rewards by checking the "Profile" tab in the Port. Simply select the desired rank and hover the cursor over the cargo container. Below is a breakdown of the most coveted items:
    • Flags awarded have -5%, -10%, -20% to ship repair cost (and players can set them on each ship in every type of battle). They are awarded for reaching Rank 15, 10 and 5 accordingly and are removed once the season ends.
    • Flag Earned at Rank 15:
      • -5% Repair cost
      • Battle of Midway flag
    • Flag Earned at Rank 10: -10% Repair cost
    • Flag Earned at Rank 5: -20% Repair cost
    • Flag and Prizing Earned at Rank 1:
      • Jolly Roger "Forever Flag"
      • x100 Type 3 Camouflage
      • 5,000,000 Credits
      • 2,500 Doubloons

Once players get past Rank 1, they'll be in a battle ranking with other "Super-League" players, able to fight on to their heart's content at Tier X and earn all the consumables they could ever need.

Video Edit

Naval Academy - Ranked Battles

Naval Academy - Ranked Battles