The lead ship in the first series of dreadnoughts of the Imperial German Navy. This battleship was notable for reliable armor, good torpedo protection, and a powerful secondary battery. She carried 283 mm guns that were not inferior in many aspects to larger-caliber gun systems adopted by other navies of the world.

Pros: Edit

  • Faster reload time than any other Tier III Battleship
  • 1.8 sigma makes her accuracy superior to contemporary battleships.
  • Very tough armor, difficult to citadel
  • Bow has enough armor to deflect most shells from other battleships.
  • Long-range and high damage secondary guns melt light ships.
  • Despite having the most smallest-caliber main gun in Tier III BBs, shells can still inflict good damage.
  • Can point six guns fully forward and all her batteries have excellent shooting angles that allow angling and shooting.

Cons: Edit

  • While it has a 1.8 sigma, it still has terrible dispersion and misses a lot.
  • Vulnerable to fires due to the lack of deck armor.
  • Low top speed
  • Poor AA protection