The best squadron battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Russo-Japanese War. The ship was well-balanced, with very good armament, armor, and speed for her time. However, Mikasa was in many respects largely inferior to successive dreadnought battleships.

Pros: Edit

  • Incredibly good armour and health pool for Tier II.
  • Powerful and numerous secondary batteries shred anyone that dares to venture within their 3km range (can be increased to 3.8km with flags and captain's perks).
  • Very good turning radius with decent (for a battleship anyway) rudder shift time.
  • Relatively small size.
  • Provides a unique departure from the usual game experience, especially for experienced Battleship players.
  • Strangely decent torpedo protection.
  • Special match making.

Cons: Edit

  • Underwhelming main battery range.
  • With only 4 main guns housed in two turrets, misses will be especially frustrating
  • Decent players (or those unfortunate enough to have experienced the secondary batteries) will keep a respectful distance. This is highly unlikely at this tier. But it can happen.
  • Low top speed, made worse by her speed dropping like a rock if she makes even the slightest of turns, which probably contributes to her small turning radius.
  • Only has access to Upgrade Slot 1.
  • Due to her lower Tier, she'll get lit up by HE a lot more than even Kawachi.