USS Indianapolis is a situational mid-range sharpshooter similar to Pensacola. She's a Portland-class "treaty cruiser" built following the 1922 Washington Naval Treaty, equipped with an excellent armament and the ability to be set up as a fleet flagship with facilities for an Admiral and their staff. With great concealment and a powerful armor-piercing punch, this ship can stand off from the enemy at range or sneak up on enemies. Use her stealth to go where you're least expected and barrage the enemy team with a rain of shells.

Strengths Edit

Indianapolis's heavy guns may have a bit of hang time, but her shells hit hard. Speed and great stealth leave this cruiser able to surprise an enemy fleet, fire a salvo or two, and then vanish. Use your 16.9km range and respectable rate of fire to stand off and damage the enemy and minimize the danger to your own ship.

Images Edit

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