HSF Admiral Graf Spee

Deutschland-class training ship of the Wilhelmshaven Maritime High School. The commander of the ship is Thea Kreutzer and the vice commander is Wilhelmina. She has 28 cm guns mounted on a hull with a displacement equivalent to that of a training cruiser, and her diesel propulsion gives her an extensive cruising range. She is valued on distance voyages for her long cruising range

Pros: Edit

  • Largest health pool of all Tier VI cruisers.
  • Access to the Repair Party consumable, giving her surprising durability.
  • Good mid-range torpedoes with excellent firing angles.
  • Decent anti-aircraft suite.
  • Largest guns of any cruiser with high penetration and alpha damage.
  • Surprising turret traverse speed.
  • Very high torpedo damage reduction for a cruiser, although this is an extremely situational advantage.
  • Guns can citadel Tier VIII BBs if close enough.
  • Genuinely sturdy ship that can survive against most cruisers it encounters.

Cons: Edit

  • Only two turrets of three guns, which means getting all guns on target can leave Spee’s broadside vulnerable to return fire.
  • Despite having the largest guns of all cruisers, she has low potential damage per minute due to her rate of fire.
  • Torpedo tubes easily knocked out.
  • Second slowest firing cruiser in game (only Furutaka’s stock guns are worse).
  • Slowest of all Tier VI cruisers.
  • Worst accuracy of all Tier VI cruisers.