Großer Kurfürst

One of the last stages of a battleship design for the German Navy. The ship was fitted with triple main turrets designed at the outbreak of World War II. The project was developed based on combat experience and featured powerful torpedo protection, enhanced horizontal armor and more advanced AA guns.

Pros: Edit

  • Like the Montana she possesses a heavy broadside than is capable of destroying ships in one volley
  • Fast at 30 knots
  • Extremely good turret traverse of 40 seconds before captain skills or upgrades
  • Very large secondary battery with range starting at 7.5km
  • Bow is heavily sloped, only a lucky Yamato shell can penetrate it
  • Unrivaled health pool
  • Has the German Hydroacoustic search
  • Extremely durable; can endure severe damage to either close the gap or to get away to heal
  • Ergonomics is similar to dreadnoughts; the closer she gets, the more dangerous she becomes
  • Citadel is turtlebacked and is also located under the waterline, making it extremely hard to hit at close range
  • Decent anti-aircraft suite that can kill anything below tier X but her AA is bubbled in a sense leaving her vunerable to payloads making target.
  • Very good shell velocity.

Cons: Edit

  • Very tempting target due to her being the biggest ship in the game; any decently accurate strike such as dive bombers or cruisers can reliably hit her
  • AA guns are easily destroyed under sustained fire.
  • Lowest range out of her peers at 20.61km
  • 420mm guns have a reload of 32 seconds, it is tolerable. But that extra 2 seconds could be costly.
  • Decent rudder shift is marred by poor turning circle and long response time.
  • Bow and stern deck armor is only 32mm
  • Huge superstructure allows for massive HE damage
  • Very prone to be set on fire. CAs will shell you with without impunity.
  • Turrets are poorly sloped so can be disabled by large caliber shells at close range. Yamatos with frequently cause jams with their HE.