A very high-speed battleship that was close to the battle cruiser type. Under the re-armament project, she was equipped with 380 mm guns that enabled her to fight off larger contemporary ships. Among her drawbacks were the small number of main guns and weak horizontal armor.

Pros: Edit

  • Highly versatile battleship; her armament allows her to play as a typical battleship, while her speed lets her behave as a battlecruiser at need.
  • Excellent 15-inch guns, same as those on Bismarck and Tirpitz.
  • First-rate speed for a battleship (32 knots); the fastest battleship in the German battleship tree. With a Sierra Mike flag, she is as fast as Iowa.
  • Solid secondary battery guns, comparable to Japanese counterpart Nagato.
  • Good range at her tier.
  • Has one triple-tube torpedo launcher on each side.
  • Outstanding armor belt combined with German turtleback armor scheme makes her deceptively durable.
  • Reasonable concealment rating; with a captain that has Concealment Expert, her surface detection range goes down to an astounding 13.1km (comparable to the equal tier Japanese cruiser Myoko).
  • Good anti-aircraft suite; when fully built for anti-air duties, she is deadly to enemy planes.
  • Very nasty AP potential especially against cruisers and BB broadsides plus decks.
  • High velocity on her rounds. They will make it down range at a decent speed.

Cons: Edit

  • Short torpedo range of 6km.
  • 15-inch guns have trouble with angled enemy battleships (use HE against the superstructure or choose a different target).
  • Easily set on fire.
  • She is nearly impossible to citadel, but will take a lot of full penetration damage.
  • AB-X layout of dual mount turrets may feel lacking.
  • Dispersion can be infuriating.
  • Deck armor can potentially be penetrated by bigger guns.
  • Rather bad turning radius.