USS Bouge

A low-speed escort aircraft carrier built from a transport ship. Due to her modest size, the ship carried a relatively small air group. Soon after being commissioned, the aircraft carrier was rearmed with dual-purpose artillery and received reinforced AA defenses.

Pros: Edit

  • Strong AA.
  • Fighters have virtually unlimited ammunition, and the large squadrons easily crush others of her tier or lower.
  • Very easy to manage.

Cons: Edit

  • Glacially slow at 16.5 knots, only being 1.5 knots faster than Langley at the cost of an even slower acceleration.
  • Poor rudder-shift time, secondaries, and armor will get her sunk quickly if caught in the open.
  • Few reserve planes---in fact, only the stock loadout can replace a full wave of planes.
  • Low squadron count limits map presence.
  • Inability to strafe is a massive disadvantage when placed in double-carrier matches with Tier VI carriers