There are five different battle types players can participate in. Each battle lasts a maximum of 20 minutes.

Introductory Mission Edit


Master the basics of ship control, gunnery, and capturing control areas. The Introductory Mission can be played as frequently as desired, up until a player has completed 10 battles of any type. Available only to players new to the game.

Co-op Edit


Team up with other players and fight a team of AI bots in an 8v8 format. Polish naval skills, master coordinated combat maneuvers, or test newly acquired warships. The primary goal is to destroy all enemies or capture the bases/key areas.

Random Edit


Set sail in a classic PvP-style battle that puts combat skills to the test. Random Battles feature two teams, maximum 12 warships each. The main objective is to capture the bases / key areas or destroy all enemy ships. Players are selected according to the type and tier of warships in the queue.

Ranked Edit

For more, see Ranked Battle

Players join a team of seven highly motivated players and square off against an opponent that is matched to their skill level. They start at the lowest Rank and progress by securing victories and gaining Stars. Ranked battles are seasonal and become available once a player reaches a certain level of Service Record.

Team Edit

For more, see Team Battle

Team Battles are a 7v7 battle type that lets players build their own team rosters before they enter battle. Team Battles are only available within a specific time period, so keep an eye on the battle menu to see if this type is active. Players will also need to reach Service Record level 12.