The most powerful destroyer of her time in Europe. The ship greatly surpassed rival navies' destroyers in terms of speed and artillery power. When commissioned, she had the most powerful AA defense among all destroyers in the world.

Pros: Edit

  • Surprisingly potent guns; good chance of fire when using high explosive shells.
  • Long firing range at 12km.
  • Guns have acceptable turning and reload time, similar to Soviet destroyers.
  • Large health pool for a Tier VII destroyer.
  • Solid concealment values for her tier.
  • Torpedoes deal sufficient damage.

Cons: Edit

  • Rather slow torpedoes with poor firing arc.
  • Weak anti-aircraft armament; main guns are not dual-purpose.
  • Poor rudder shift time.
  • Large turning circle radius.
  • Torpedo range is within a few hundred meters of her base detection radius.
  • The only Polish ship in game at present, so she can't be used for captain training