Aircraft carriers

Aircraft carriers are the game's stand-alone, multi-role ship, bringing RTS-style gameplay to the battle. They carry four kinds of aircraft: Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers, Scouts, and Fighter Planes. Each aircraft type plays a specific role and a carrier can have more than one group of aircraft in the air at any one time. Aircraft from a carrier can attack enemy aircraft, scout enemy ships or planes, attack enemy ships directly and escort or cover friendly ships and aircraft.

Comparable to battleships in terms of displacement, aircraft carriers nevertheless run faster. Turning significantly reduces the aircraft carriers speed and their rudder shift is slower. As a result, ships of this class can reach a high speed quickly but can’t change their heading very quickly.

Benefits Edit

  • Airpower: Aircraft can overtake enemy ships and destroy them with bombs and torpedoes.
  • Unlimited range: Aircraft are capable of striking anywhere on the map.
  • Scouting: The speed and range of aircraft means they can spot enemy warships from a distance, preventing unexpected breakthroughs and ambushes.

Tips Edit

  • Keep your aircraft carriers on the fringes of the map and avoid direct engagements with enemy ships. Take advantage of the fact that your aircraft can fly further than the enemy’s shells and torpedoes. Be prepared for sneak attacks by carefully placing your carrier and monitoring your surroundings for any signs of possible danger.
  • Utilize the variety of aircraft at your disposal to attack any opposing ship. Deploy fighters to neutralize the enemy’s counterparts and “clean up” the map for your other squadrons. Approach a target from the flanks with torpedo bombers and utilize dive bombers attacking from the forecastle to trap opponents and gain an advantage.
  • If you’re not afraid of taking risks, try to keep a closer distance between your vessel and the target to shorten the time it takes to launch your next air attack.

By country Edit

American carriers have larger squadrons, while Japanese carriers focus more on bombers than fighters.

Japan Edit

Country Name Tier
Japan Hosho IV
Japan Zuiho V
Japan Ryujo VI
Japan Hiryu VII
Japan Shokaku VIII
Japan Taiho IX
Japan Hakuryu X

U.S.A. Edit

Country Name Tier
U.S.A. Langley IV
U.S.A. Bogue V
U.S.A. Independence VI
U.S.A. Ranger VII
U.S.A. Saipan VII
U.S.A. Lexington VIII
U.S.A. Essex IX
U.S.A. Midway X