ARP Haruna

A Battleship of the "Fleet of Fog". Modeled after the Imperial Japanese Navy's 3rd Kongo-class battleship, Haruna. First seen engaging I-401 in combat alongside Kirishima, she was defeated by the superior tactics of Gunzo Chihaya, commander of I-401. Her Mental Model "Haruna" always wears a large overcoat and has a keen interest in the human language, "collecting" word samples as she hears them. This warship has been specially designed for World of Warships, and is modeled after Haruna as she appears in "ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-".

Pros: Edit

  • All the pros of the standard Kongo.
  • Does not take up port slots.
  • Visible to other players who have enabled the "Arpeggio" filter in their ship carousel.
  • Comes with a number of free Commander Skill points (varies by region and event).
  • Skills can be customized for her, as captain is specific to this ship.
  • Special unique announcer (voiced by her voice actor from the Ars Nova series).

Cons: Edit

  • All the cons of the standard Kongo.
  • Cannot mount functional camouflage.
  • Captain cannot be transferred to other ships.
  • Voice notifications are in Japanese.
  • Does not come with the overwhelming firepower, blistering speed, diving ability, corrosive warheads, supergravity cannon, and impenetrable Klein field of Haruna in Ars Nova; in other words, a standard Kongo.